About Us

PRABHAS CAPITAL STOCK MARKET ACADEMY is  having 14 years of experience in Share Market Training in India. We are the 1st Indian Institute to bring the concept of Live Market Training in local language. At PRABHAS CAPITAL STOCK MARKET ACADEMY, we offer comprehensive trading courses for novice and experienced investors and traders who want to learn the professional trading techniques and make a bright career in the stock market. We strive to help you meet your financial goals with a comprehensive curriculum.

Our courses are designed to cover a spectrum of trading styles and asset classes including Swing Trading, Short Term Trading, Position Trading, and Investment Theory for Stocks, Options, Futures, Commodities, Exchange Traded Funds, Currencies. We focus on instilling the necessary skills and confidence in our students.

Our highly knowledgeable faculty has more than a decade of experience in the financial markets. We teach you proven methods and techniques for successful trading and investing through the use of risk management, trading fundamentals, technical analysis and real-world applications. We look forward to shaping your future by getting you ready for new opportunities ahead.